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Panoramic Images

3D Panoramic images are pictures with high view angle. These, so called simple planar (or flat) panoramic images can be shooten even with simple compact camera - no need for special fisheye lenses. Only you need some special software to put images to one wide angle panorama.

If camera is rotated in circle - you will get cylindrical panoramic photo in 360 degree. This type of panoramic image usually have less details then hi-res planar pano, but more details on zoom if we compare with spherical panorama.

Cylindrical panorama

Spherical panoramas we get if not only horizontal view is full circle in 360°, but vertical view is also in full 180° - this means you can point your view up to sky or down to floor. Disadvantage of this pano type, is that resolution is smaller (less details on zoom).

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