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Welcome to

Dear visitors, welcome to my website about virtual tour. On this site you can find virtual tours, panoramic image galleries and also some small tutorials, like what is virtual tour, what are panoramic images or some info about panoramic picture types.

I have to mention that I don't do virtual tours for others any more, this is now only my hobby. But for that reason, I created virtual tour companies page, where I will collect all those companies, who can do this service for You. So even those visitors who are looking for some virtual tour services can find useful information on this website.

How to navigate in virtual tour and panoramic images?

To navigate in virtual tour, use your keyboard (+/- , arrows) or your mouse. To move from one panoramic image to another, find hotspots like on this example:

Virtual Tour navigation

Advantages of virtual tours on your website

Website visitors are very visual persons, we like to see things, before we visit some hotel, restaurant or any other place. Look around on my site. If you have a website, probably you will get a lot of ideas where could you use virtual tours or panoramic photos.

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